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Established in 2002, TOUCH COMMUNITY is an Eucharist-centric and prayerful Catholic non-profit youth community formed by youth aiming at spreading the Eucharistic spirituality among the faithful, especially youngsters, to establish deeper loving relations with God, forming devotions to the Eucharist and Mary, and to pursue for holiness and salvation in prayers. Through the Holy Spirit, TOUCH has grown to a reach of thousands of youth, organizing every year over 20 prayerful events ranging from regular prayer gatherings and indepth retreats to large scale Eucharistic Congress and Youth Festivals, celebrations and shows. The community also works together regularly with various Diocesan organizations, missionaries, parishes and schools to spread their mission among the youth communities in Hong Kong, Macau, China and all over the world.


Our Core Pillars



We are very Christ-centric. 
Nothing but Christ. Period.

Christ must be at the centre of absolutely everything we do. Nothing else matters. For He is the one and only reason for TOUCH existence. We would rather end our Community than to have any distractions from our Christ-centric culture. And of course, the best expression of Christ on earth is the true and real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.



No one is more Christ-centric than Mary our Mother.
We are not Marian because of Mary, but we love Mary so much because Her entire Heart contains nothing but Jesus. As the first tabernacle and the first to receive the Holy Spirit, there is no better person to learn from than Our Lady. Consecrating to Her means She will definitely lead us to Jesus.
It cannot go wrong.


The only one who do God's work is the Holy Spirit. Not any human.
It is not our show - never hijack God's plan. We are only to facilitate as loyal servants. It is the Holy Spirit who perform wonders. Be sensitive always to the Holy Spirit, and be Marthas only when you have the spirit of Mary - Only through faith and prayers can we work effectively for the mission of the salvation of souls. Work for Him, with Him, in Him. And in His Love forever.

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