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We humbly seek your help.



TOUCH firmly believes in spiritual preparations being more important than physical preparations, always. After all, it is a promise by God that if we seek Him first and the Kingdom of God, all the things will be given unto us, And history proves that right. Thus, we are seeking people who can offer their prayers and fasting either real-time during our event or in advance to support the spiritual battle in winning young souls. If you can offer assistance for the conversion of souls, offer mass, prayers, fastings and any form of spiritual support, or if you know any monstaries who can offer their prayers, please contact us. Your assistance will be much appreciated. Here's our intentions:


1) For the Lord's will to be done under Our Lady's leadership

2) For the conversion of souls, so that all may be bathed in the shower of heavenly graces and be remained in His love forever.

3) For the courage of all to say yes to Jesus and do whatever He tells us to.


As a tradition of TOUCH, you need NOT pray for the usual norm which is the "success of the event", but please rather focus your prayers on the conversion of souls. The event can be a failure, but all souls MUST convert!



1) 願主的旨意在聖母的領導下成就

2) 為靈魂的歸依 - 願所有靈魂都能沐浴在主的恩寵中而永遠存留在衪的愛內

3) 願所有靈魂都有勇氣向耶穌說是 - 無論祂吩咐我們什麼, 我們就作什麼 

按照TOUCH的傳統,你不必像常規般"為活動的成功" 祈禱,但請你集中為靈魂的歸依祈禱。活動可以一敗塗地,但所有靈魂一定要歸依!


TOUCH is for all souls. We want the most number of people to be benefited. Thus, we are not offering our services based on costs but purely based on Divine Providence. That, though, does not mean a compromise to the quality of our services. On the contrary, we are spending significant investments in order to create the best prayer atmosphere for all. Although we do not know how to pay our bills, in full faith in the Lord that He will take care of everything including finances.

Costs are high, but in view of salvation, we still choose to live in Divine Providence. We surely do not want to discourage attendence of those desiring Jesus due to financial concerns. Yet, bills have to be paid. If you agree to what we are doing, and can somehow afford financially to support us further, your generosity will be much appreciated. Please leave with your name and your email and our representatives will contact you individually. Thank you in advance for your kindness and support, and may God reward you a hundred fold.

TOUCH 是為所有靈魂而設。我們希望最多人能夠受惠。因此,我們在服務時並沒有考慮我們的成本,而純粹依靠上主的照料。這並不意味著我們會為減省成本而作出妥協。相反,我們不計成本花費大量的投資來為參加者營造理想的祈禱氣氛。 雖然我們不知道如何支付賬單,我們完全相信主會照顧一切,包括財政。


Yes! I can help. 我可以幫忙!


Thank you for your kindness and support. Our representative will contact you shortly.

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