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Set the Eucharist at the Centre of your personal life and community life!”




- St. John Paul II 聖若望保錄二世

The mission of TOUCH is Christ-centric. TOUCH aims at spreading the Eucharistic spirituality among the faithful, especially the youth, to establish a deep, loving relation with God, to form devotions to the Eucharist and Mary, and to pursue for holiness and salvation in contemplative-active life. We respond to the call of Pope St. John Paul II to foster Eucharistic Adoration among the youth, family and schools. However, TOUCH can do nothing without your piety, generosity and commitment to the Eucharistic Lord. Therefore, this year TOUCH launches its membership scheme - Eucharistic Youth.


TOUCH believes the Eucharistic movement is all around the world and Eucharistic Youth is one of the many Eucharist-centric groups. We welcome every youth who has received the Sacrament of Confirmation and is aged below 30 to join the Eucharistic Youth. A TOUCH Eucharistic Youth learns to form and live out a Christ-centric life devoted to the Eucharist, and helps in various ways in Eucharistic missions.

以基督為中心是TOUCH的使命。TOUCH致力推廣聖體神修給所有信徒,特別是青年人,培養與天主深厚的、紮根於愛的關係,培養對聖體和聖母的敬禮,以默觀和行動的祈禱精神,追求聖德和救恩。TOUCH回應聖教宗若望保祿二世的呼籲,在青年、家庭、學校裡培養朝拜聖體。不過,TOUCH沒有你對聖體的熱愛、慷慨和承諾,不能完成此使命。因此,TOUCH在今年青年聖體大會正式啟航會員制-Eucharistic Youth。


TOUCH相信聖體運動在世界各處興起,而Eucharistic Youth只是其中一個以聖體為中心的青年團體。我們歡迎所有低於30歲以及已經領受堅振聖事的青年,加入Eucharistic Youth。一位Eucharistic Youth學習培養和活出以基督為中心、敬愛聖體的生命,並以各種方法協助聖體使命。

Our Means of Sanctification


The sanctification of Eucharistic Youth relies on the commitment of our interior life in Jesus truly present in the Blessed Sacrament, together with Mary Our Mother and surrendered to the Holy Spirit who enlivens and transforms us. Our love for God the Father manifests in our exterior actions; therefore, the daily means of sanctification of Eucharistic Youth are:

Eucharistic Youth的成聖,有賴我們忠於內修生活,在耶穌內生活,在祂聖體聖事中的真實臨在之內生活,並聯合聖母我們的母親,及降服於聖神,讓祂賜予我們生命,改造我們。我們對天主的愛展現在竹我們的表現行動。因此,Eucharistic Youth在日常生活的成聖方法如下:

Surrender to the Holy Spirit


  • Invoking the Holy Spirit before all things you do

  • Keeping constantly a silent and open heart to pay attention to the movements of the Holy Spirit

  • Abandoning your wishes and plans to trust and follow the Holy Spirit without hesitation


Revolve Your
Life around the Eucharist


  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in exposition, at least for an hour continuous once a week

  • Going to Sunday Mass and Mass on all Solemnities, and giving efforts to go to weekday Masses especially on Feast days

  • Paying reverence to the Eucharist first whenever you enter or leave a church

  • Spending at least ten minutes after Communion, preferably before the tabernacle

  • Starting your heart of preparation 30 minutes ahead of Mass

  • Reserving your best time of the day for the Eucharist


Yourself to the Leadership of Mary


  • Renewing a 33-day Total Consecration at least once a year

  • Praying 5 decades of rosary every day

  • Wearing the scapular and miraculous medal imploring for Her special protection

  • Consecrating yourself daily to the Immaculate Heart of Mary


Other Requirements


  • Striving to pray always and everywhere with the whole heart

  • Being always committed to giving glory to God and being responsible for your own salvation

  • Meditating the daily readings every day, preferably with Lectio Divina

  • Weekly Confession (once a week)

  • Fasting (Friday)

  • Personal retreat, a desert experience (at least overnight, once a year)

  • Committing yourself to serve Eucharistic missions of TOUCH 

  • Received the Sacrament of Confirmation and is aged below 30

Eucharistic Youth organise and participate in a Eucharistic fellowship once a month to share their faith and do bible study with their group. We run fellowship separately for male and female. Fellowship always precedes or follows Eucharistic adoration together, rejoining the faithful beyond the group itself, which fosters Eucharistic devotion and centricity together with the Church. Eucharistic Youth needs to know and live out their faith. Therefore, TOUCH provides mandatory and optional formation and workshop to Eucharistic Youth on doctrine, virtues, spirituality, morals and apostolate. Perhaps you might love to start gathering friends for Eucharistic Youth fellowship to grow in the love of God together.

Eucharistic Youth 每月舉行及參加一次聖體聚會,在聚會中分享信仰和研讀聖經。聚會是男女分開。聚會之前或之後,一起朝拜聖體,並在朝拜聖體中與小組以外的眾教友一起,與教會一起培養對聖體的熱愛和以聖體為中心的生活。Eucharistic Youth必須認識和活出信仰。因此,TOUCH將會為Eucharistic Youth定期舉行有關教義、德行、靈修、道德、使徒工作的信仰培育講座,包括必修和自選講座。或許,你亦希望開始聚集一群同伴,透過Eucharistic Youth小組,一起在天主的愛內成長。


Our Lord needs you. Our Lady needs you.
Heaven needs you. 

天主需要你 聖母媽媽需要你 天堂需要你

Be courageous and generous to God.

By daily struggle and a prayerful heart, we can become saints.

鼓起勇氣,慷慨回應天主的邀請。透過每天的奮鬥和一個祈禱的心, 我們能夠成為聖人。


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