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Associates Area 2017


Thank you for assisting in JOYFUL FEAST. TOUCH values more about your attitude than your abilities, and we surely need to set the right expectations among our people that this is not a show, not driven by human and surely not for our own glory. Therefore, we draw your attention to the below helpers guidelines. 




The rule is intended to ensure all associates and assistants (anyone who help) are having the right attitude and expectation when they are assisting in the preparations. This is an important document that all should go through and agree to, so JOYFUL FEAST can be led in the same direction shared and agreed by all. It is better to suffer from manpower shortages than to have people with different expectations. 


Anyone who work and help MUST satisfy ALL of the following requirements, and are entirely willing to be bounded by the following rules: 


  1. You must love God more than you love yourself.

  2. You must love God more than you love TOUCH, JOYFUL FEAST or any other communities.

  3. You must love prayers more than you love any kind of activities, even those closest to your heart.

  4. You must believe at heart that it is the Lord who is doing the work, not any of your or others' talents or arrangements - even if it seems to be your credit in other people's eyes.

  5. You must be absolutely humble, deny yourself, your own will and your own ego, and pledge to become a loyal servant of God, to do nothing but His will. Only in this way can you be fully working under His leadership.

  6. You must be willing to surrender fully to the service of the real presence of Eucharistic Lord and be totally faithful to Our Lady's leadership.

  7. You must open yourself fully for the Holy Spirit to perform His work in you and through you.

  8. You must believe that spiritual preparations are as important, if not more, than physical preparations.

  9. You must place conversion of souls as your top priority, and believes that it is the Holy Spirit who changes hearts.

  10. You must believe that JOYFUL FEAST, and any element associated with it, is a grace, not anything anyone can take credit for.

  11. You must be ready to sacrifice for Jesus, even your own life, because of His love.

  12. You must be willing to bear the cross and suffer from any consequences joyfully and willingly, if it is the Lord's will that the event and yourself should fail.

  13. You must have attended at least one full JOYFUL FEAST before as a participant, and are regular attendees of any adoration activities, preferably Blazing Heart.

  14. You must be a Catholic, confirmed or soon to be confirmed. 

  15. You must be in a state of grace at the time of the event and throughout, and are willing to support our spiritual preparation programme.



Please make sure you agree from the bottom of your heart every single rule of these. If you have enquiries on any, feel free to ask and we can help you understand more about the background. However, after understanding all these, if you have hesitation to agree with any, please let us know and it is fair to you and perfectly okay for you to quit the helpers programme and join us as a participant.


Thank you for your generosity.




We do not need to further stress that you should have witnessed how our spiritual support plan has worked miraculously in the past. But may I stress its importance further this time, that owing to the nature of the Youth Festival - anticipating to be a camp of deep conversions among youth (things the devil hate most), we do foresee a strong force against us are on its way. So please, more than ever, that we asked for your commitment in joining the spiritual preparation work, and treat this very seriously.

Duration: 7-15 July 2017 - 9 days preparation

The concept is simple. We prepare 9 days in advance - in line with novena.  Why 9 days? Look at what Our Lady said in one of Her apparitions:


 "Dear Children! Today also I invite you to prayer, now as never before when my plan has begun to be realized. Satan is strong and wants to sweep away my plans of peace and joy and make you think that my Son is not strong in His decisions. Therefore, I call all of you, dear children, to pray and fast still more firmly. I invite you to self-renunciation for nine days so that, with your help, everything that I desire to realize through the secrets I began in Fatima, may be fulfilled. I call you, dear children, to now grasp the importance of my coming and the seriousness of the situation. I want to save all souls and present them to God. Therefore, let us pray that everything I have begun be fully realized. Thank you for having responded to my call."   -- Our Lady Queen of Peace, August 25, 1991



All prayers and fastings should be offered for the following intentions:


  • For the Lord's will to be done under Our Lady's leadership

  • For the conversion of souls, so that all may be bathed in the shower of heavenly graces and be remained in His love forever.

  • For the courage of all to say yes to Jesus and do whatever He tells us to.


NOTE: All intentions should be directed towards souls, not the success of the activity. For the activity can be a mess, no problem, but all souls must be saved.

The Actual Plan 


(1) Novena to the Holy Spirit
Please do the Holy Spirit Novena during the 9 days. Prayers can be found below, or click here.





(2) Fasting Chain
Basic principle is to fast on your day of fasting on bread and water. But if you cannot take this, have other unavoidable engagements, or if you are doing a consecrative days of fasting, you may consider relaxing a bit yourself (such as taking some vegetables etc) according to your physical conditions and needs (not according to your desires). Baseline is nothing less than preventing meat + 1 meal half full. For important tips on how to fast effectively with bread and water, you may refer to

Regarding the timing, you have 3 options to choose from and you may pick according to your schedules.
1. Pick any 1 or more full days of your choice to fast. A full day please, not just one meal.
2. To offer a bit more to Our Lady, do a consecutive 3 day fasting of your choice.
3. The most powerful way is a 9 day consecutive fast throughout the entire period. Please exercise caution on your body conditions when you pick this option. 
Enroll by clicking below or here.




Spiritual Preparation Plan
Novena to Holy Spirit

天主聖神  九日敬禮
每日開始請先誦唸《伏求聖神降臨》,每天經文, 後加唸《向聖母瑪利亞求獲聖神誦》。

  1. 伏求聖神降臨誦

  2. 每天經文

  3. 向聖母瑪利亞求獲聖神誦









第一天 我靈魂的甘飴主人



第二天 求賜聖神的恩典

上主之神,頒賜天恩的聖神!我現在極謙恭地,全心熱烈渴望,求你賜我你的恩典,特別是上智和孝愛之恩。請在我心內增添這些恩典,達致圓滿/或完美的地步,使我的靈魂對你 -- 我內心的主人,溫順及聽命;使我習慣藉妳的神恩而生活,親密地、愉快地默思你和聖三。


第三天 求聖德


第四天 為我對聖神之忽略而作補贖



第五天 求聖神改造我


第六天 求勇德


第七天 求賜真理



第八天 求賜耶穌的精神



第九天 求賜全然的聖德




啟:    至潔童貞瑪利亞,無玷始胎,聖神揀選妳成為天主的結約之櫃,請為我們祈禱!

應:    懇求師保聖神快來,更新大地的面貌!


啟:    至潔童貞瑪利亞,藉著聖神,聖言降孕妳的母胎,你真是天主之母。請為我們祈禱!

應:    懇求師保聖神快來,更新大地的面貌!




啟:    至潔童貞瑪利亞,當你和宗徒們在晚餐廳祈禱時,你充滿了聖神,請為我們祈禱!

應:    懇求師保聖神快來,更新大地的面貌!




眾:    天主聖神,請你降臨,充滿你信眾的心,並在他們心中,燃起你的愛火。亞孟。

"Thank you for having responded to my call"

Our Lady, Mary, Queen of Peace

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